European Anti Corruption Youth Conference on Whistleblower Protection

26. Mai 2017 um 19:00 – 29. Mai 2017 um 21:00
Weltethos-Institute und Brechtbau
Anti Corruption International
European Anti Corruption Youth Conference on Whistleblower Protection @ Weltethos-Institute und Brechtbau

The European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference (EACYC2017) on Whistleblower Protection will bring together 30 young Europeans interested and experienced in the topic of Whistleblowing and eager to change the prevalent insufficiencies in Whistleblower protection in Europe. Anti Corruption International is looking forward to host experts and young people from all across Europe for this 3-day event in the city of Tübingen, Germany on May 27th-29th 2017.

The European Union is currently working on a directive to improve the protection of Whistleblowers in Europe, and the Public Impact Assessment is now open for input. We would therefore like to invite 30 qualified youth to participate in our conference. The first two days will consist of plenary sessions and workshops covering the many aspects of the theme. The third day, the participants will work on an Official Statement together with different experts, to be sent to the Commission.

This is a unique possibility for dedicated young students to increase their insight in whistleblowing, their understanding of how regulations and policies in the EU are made in addition to actually affecting the future protection of whistleblowers.

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